It may have been fate that guided Mr. Basanta B. Sakya to venture into the hospitality business. Mr. Sakya, the founder of Ace Group was actually a jewellery man but when he went colour blind, he set his sights on a bungalow at the centre of the diplomatic intrigue that was characteristic of the place we now know as Lazimpat. At that time, it was popularly known as Lodging Path; a street that housed the diplomatic missions of Great Britain, India,Switzerland and Japan. Mr. Sakya took a residential bungalow in the diplomatic enclave and converted it into a ten room hotel. Owing to its location, he decided to call it The Ambassador- the first hotel in the Ace group. The Ambassador offered both long and shortterm accommodation to diplomatic staff posted in Kathmandu. It soon became a home away from home for many, and the hospitality experience that The Ambassador offered meant that customers stayed on for extended periods of time. They became frequent guests and someeven went on to become extended members of the Sakya family because of the close and personal relationships they developed with the family and the hotel staff.

Mr. Yogendra B. Sakya & his brother Mr. Sajan Sakya took over from their father and aventure that began with a ten room hotel has now grown into a burgeoning hospitality chain of hotels and resorts. For the Sakya family, the Ace group is more than just a business; it is an extension of their lives. As the business is passed down from one generation to another,the legacy is carried on and enriched by the staff at Ace who believe in treating guests like family.